BattleShips for Android

Remember Battleship game from your childhood? Well, there are a lot battleships versions for Android phones. One of them is mine 🙂 And it’s one of the best. And it is free! Check its website

The beginning

All starts as a coursework assignment in the university. We were five people and we were practicing SCRUM agile methodology. The theme of our work was “Battleships Game”. We did it very well and got some good marks 🙂 Here are some screenshots of our game:
First Home Screen First Play Board
Looks nice, right? Graphics were my creation. My main tasks were to create some parts of the UI and draw everything.

Rewriting from scratch

Then I decided to start writing Android applications and Battleships was a good beginning. I start over everything, rewriting all the code and redrawing all the graphics. I’ve completed business logic for about 5 days and interface and Android programming for 7-8 days. The game was ready for about 2 weeks.
I’ve published it to the Android Market and i got 1000 downloads for 1 day. Amazing. 🙂
Here are some screenshots of version 1.0:

 Second Play Board Second Results
The game has the following advantages: Better UI than other battleships in the market (sliding crosshair) and really fast games (no need to arrange ships and wait long time for your opponent)

The New Design

After a few weeks I realized that current design is ugly and looks bad on my device (HTC Desire). So I started to draw a new and more “fancy” design. This time I’ve used vector graphics so it was easy to support different screens. Check the result:

 Redesigned Home Screen Redesigned Play Board
This looks really better and the most important – looks good on my phone’s screen (amoled displays have some strange color profile and it is hard to make something looks good)

The Website

All good games in Apple’s AppStore have website, so do I. I’ve wrote some html, draw some images and my web page is ready

BattleShips Site


This was the beginning. Next application coming soon:) And updates for Battleships too. Users want multi-player and selectable placement of ships. I’ll implement those in the near future.

Thanks for the 60,000+ downloads

Thats it, thanks for reading