New website of Ruler App

Recently I have released a redesigned version of Ruler App’s website.  It uses home-made template based on Bootstrap 3. The website is located here


For responsive, mobile-first design I use Bootstrap 3 library. It is very easy to extend. On their website, you can customize some colors and other values, and then download specific build. As my site is only one page, I do not use any server technologies and serve static HTML.

The site is hosted on Amazone AWS, using static hosting by S3. Then S3 is linked to CloudFront, Amazon’s content delivery network, so it can be open from all over the world with blazing-fast speed. I use my custom domain in the CloudFront configuration. Another great advantage of AWS is the possibility to create free of charge SSL certificate and use it with their services.

Using these technologies, I own no downtime, super fast, almost free of charge website.


I created a very elegant design that tends to be informative. Just like in Ruler App, I bet on simplicity. In the overview section, I’ve included some branding elements, like the icon of the app, the home screen, the explanatory video. Then follow basic features and advantages, how to use the application and dedicated section about changeable themes. Of course, at the bottom, there is some contact information and links to my other projects.

Now this page brings a lot of downloads to my app, so I am happy that I’ve made it.