Ruler App website translated for top Asian countries

As Ruler App became super popular in Asia, I localized its promo website in Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese. This comes as a great benefit to the users who want an accurate measuring device on their smartphone. Now they have one more way to discover it.

The Android application supports almost all languages, including top Asian destinations. South Korea and Japan were the first markets with thriving downloads.

Japan mobile market

As of October 2013, Japan surpassed the United States to become the market with the highest app revenue, as the country beats iOS and Android/Google-Play together, according to App-Annie. It is not a surprise, as Japan is always making innovations and its technology is beyond this world. Furthermore, about 51 million people (population of Japan 127 million) own a smartphone. Smartphone penetration has been on a steady rising course since 2013, as average data usage has been growing rapidly as well. Just to understand how explosive it was: Japan is the only country where Google Play Store revenue has caught up to iOS app revenue. Yes! That’s the facts!

South Korea apps market

By the end of 2013, smartphone penetration in South Korea had already hit 70 percent, which is significantly higher than any other countries, such as the United Kingdom (62%), or the United States (56%). Also, very interesting thing about this market is that Android is by far the dominant operating system, with an install base close to 94%. The Korean giants Samsung and LG are probably responsible for this.